Tomato Juice

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Tomato Juice

Have you ever tried to drink tomato juice? To some it tastes delicious and others can’t stand the taste. I’ve tried drinking tomato juice from the grocery store but never liked it very much. Probably it’s because of the additional ingredients that were added. When I made this juice recipe I made sure that I only tasted the tomato juice alone without any other ingredients. The taste of the juice was an eyeopener! It was so much better than the juice I bought from the store! Eventually, I’ve also tried to add some lemon juice which gave it a little kick to the juice. You can add it to the juice but I’ll stick to just fresh tomato juice


  • 5 Large Tomatoes
  • 1/4 lemon (optional)
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Step 1

Clean the tomatoes and cut every tomato into small 8 pieces

Step 2

Put all the tomatoes in a cooking pan and cook the tomatoes.

Step 3

Mix the tomatoes while cooking to make the tomatoes soft until it’s a paste.

Step 4

With a sieve we will separate the tomato juice from the skin and seeds. (use a spoon to get as much juice as possible)

Step 5

When ready we put the tomato juice in the ref to make it cold. 

Step 6

Finally, serve the juice cold. (Optionally you can add a quarter of lemon juice)

Tomato Juice with Quarter of lemon juice - Glass of tomato Juice with around it tomatoe

Benefits of Tomato juice

We all know that tomatoes are good for the heart. Tomatoes contain vitamin B6, high levels of potassium, potassium and folic acid which help to have a healthy heart. But tomatoes have more benefits aside from helping the heart to get stronger.

Let’s start with the benefits for the people that work out in the gym. Sometimes you can’t help it and workout too much which causes muscle pain. Studies have shown that people who drank tomato juice after a hard workout had a faster muscle and glucose recovery time. Aside from recovering your muscles from a hard workout, tomatoes and tomato juice also had a great balance of water and nutrients which will lessen the feeling of hunger which will benefit the  waste line. 

Protection against different kind of cancer

Many articles I read on the internet claim that the lycopene from tomatoes or its juice can help to reduce the risk of different kinds of cancer. Think about stomach, lung, pancreas, chest, ovarian, pancreatic and prostate cancer. After some research I found an article from the FDA that concluded that there is very limited evidence to support such a claim. The study also includes that, lycopene continues to be researched because of promising epidemiological data as well as encouraging results in cell culture and animal studies. So, drinking this juice can only benefit you in any way. 

Detoxing effects

Tomato juice is a powerful antioxidant that helps to remove toxins. Tomatoes contain two significant natural ingredients, chlorine and sulfur, that help the liver and kidneys to perform their detox functions and protect them from infection.


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