Carrot Juice with Oranges, Apple and Ginger

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Carrot Juice with Oranges, Apple and Ginger

This Carrot juice has many similarities to another favorite juice of mine, the eyeopener. I really like drinking carrot juice and Orange juice because a glass of carrot juice alone contains about 650% to 700% of the minimum daily nutrients that grown-ups needs. Imagine how the nutrients and vitamins go up when you add apple, oranges and ginger! We will explain more of those benefits later in this article. Let’s first start with the recipe of Carrot juice with oranges, apple and ginger! 


  • 2 Oranges

  • 1 Apple

  • 8 Carrots

  • 1 inch of ginger

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Step 1

Clean the carrots and apple thoroughly.

Step 2

Peel the skin of the oranges, apple, carrots, and ginger

Step 3

Remove any seeds of the Oranges and apple is there are any.

Step 4

Place the carrots, oranges, ginger and apple into the juicer.  

Step 5

Finally, serve the juice cold by adding some ice or by placing it in the ref.

Carrot Juice with Oranges, apple and ginger, Drink, kitchen. Healthy carrot juice

Benefits of carrot juice with oranges, apple and ginger

In the introduction we already mentioned that a glass of carrot juice contains about 650% to 700% of the minimum daily nutrients that grown-ups needs? It also protects your eyes and carrot juice  also includes an antioxidant with the name Alpha Carotene. Alpha Carotene is a nutrient that can fight against diseases like lung cancer. Another great benefit of Alpha Carotene is that is dissolves fat which makes this drink ideal when you want to lose weight. 

Blood pressure lowering effects


Orange juice has a positive effect on blood pressure due to a nutrient called Hesperidin. Research shows that Hesperidin, also called Vitamin P,  has blood pressure lowering effects 

Healthier skin

Apple juice is rich in vitamin C and has many more benefits. Orange juice is also rich in vitamin C! Vitamin C helps to contribute to a healthier skin.  Drinking this juice can contribute to a younger looking skin as well. 

Conclusion of this Vitamin booster

This carrot juice combined with oranges, apple and ginger will not only help you benefit many vitamins but also help you to lose weight simultaneously. And when that’s not enough, it even helps against aging. I would definitely recommend this juice for all the benefits it contains. I’m curious how you experienced the taste of this juice? Please share it in the comments or email me!

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